I used to spend my life being concerned, I wanted everybody to like me. When I was with one group, I changed my behavior so I could fit in, and with the other I changed my look because I thought this would make me belong. 

Being liked seemed to be the signature, the confirmation that I am worth something. I wanted to be liked. 

So what if it meant changing my sense of humor, changing my looks, caring about certain music or showing interest in different topics.. Well, so what? So this wasn’t me, I was trying to be someone else.

I didn’t think that what I had to offer was enough, so I was wearing a mask, but the mask had one big impact on me, supporting even more the belief that I wasn’t enough. 

You see I was looking for confirmation from other people, to smile to me, to hug me, to show me that whatever I am being was enough. 

I wanted other people to like me but all I was really craving was for me to like myself. 

And you see.. we can try to hide who we are from others, but we can’t hide from ourselves, and the universe, it always responds to us. It responds to who we are being, what we are thinking and what we believe in.  

My whole life changed when instead of asking “does she like me?” “does he like me?” I started asking “do I like me?”

And I want to ask you today – DO YOU LIKE YOU? 

If you think you are enough, you will prove yourself right.
If you think you are not enough, you will prove yourself right.

A cow can never be a zebra, it will never have stripes. Wanting to have stripes can only create low vibration feeling of lack, jealousy and desire. 

By living with acceptance of who we are, love for ourselves, peace with our past and our choices, we can raise our vibrations and have the universe responding to that frequency. 

It is time to realize that you are enough, just for being you.
You are love, you are whole, and you are power. 
You are beauty, you are complete, and you are perfect just the way you are. 
It is time to realize it for yourself, and it is time to realize it for the future generations. 
There is no better teaching than showing, and there is no better time to start than now. 

 We know that it can sometimes be challenging, you do have a past and you are already used to thinking in a certain way. This is why Namaste Bitches exists - our goal is to empower you, and lead you into loving yourself and becoming the most free, unapologetic abundant version of yourself. 

If you are brave enough to admit that you care what people think, and are ready to break through, take action fast and contact us!
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Talia Halberor, a Namaste Bitch 


Together We Rise Higher.

One of the most beautiful things about powerful women is their ability and willingness to empower other women. The understanding that together we can rise higher can be completely life altering to both sides, and whether or not you feel like you have been investing in empowering others, it’s never too late to start, and since us Namaste Bitches are all about empowering each other, we want to share with you a simple tool that you can start implementing right now to make a huge difference in other’s lives.   

A quick question before we begin- when reading the first paragraph, did you think at any moment something like; “of course I empower the people around me”,  “I do that all the time, I tell my friends how awesome they are” or “I always share my thoughts and advice, I want the best for them”?

That’s awesome if yes! And it’s exactly my point.

Oftentimes, by doing that, instead of empowering others, we end up keeping them small and confirming that the right way is to look for the answer outside of them. 

And “how” you want to know? With the growing effect of the social media era on our lives, people keep wanting more and bigger, we want to look like and be like others. We see people that have what we want, it makes us concentrate on what we DON’T have and feel less than, which in result can create insecurities that affect our behavior in all other life areas. 

One of the results of insecurity is asking for advice, and this is what my whole long opening was preparing you for - NOBODY NEEDS OUR ADVICE WOMAN. There, I said it. We all go through our personal journey and there’s no one that will ever know better than me, for me and about me. 

So why do we do it? In my opinion, there are 2 main reasons; sometimes we really think we know the answer, we care and we love them, and we want them to avoid any mistakes - so, “let me tell you what I THINK is right for you”. 

And sometimes, whether you admit it or not, it’s for yourself, there are those moments we just want to look like we know what we are talking about, or even feel smart, so we chose to show that we “know the answer”. 

What we don’t see is that by giving people answers, we create a society that stays stuck, doesn’t grow, is lazy and reluctant. 

But since I don’t want to be the bearer of bad news, here’s what you can do next time somebody comes to you for your advice. Ready?

Ask them a question back. Then after they answer it, ask them another one. 

Having them look inside and find their own answers will truly empower them and will have them develop trust in their own ability, which has already proven to have people getting better results in life.  Bottom line, by taking such small actions with “the company you keep”, you will not only bring greatness back to yourself, but can create an empowering ripple effect on the world.

Talia Halberor, a Namaste boss